Educational development has been identified as the most urgent need of the Sidhpur community. Hence all of the initial programs of the Foundation are focusing on educational development. The lack of awareness, information, advice and financial resources remain the key constraints. To address the educational development issues the Foundation is currently implementing the following programs.

Sidhpur Assist
SidhpurAssist program provides educational development related advice to the community members on an individual basis worldwide.
SidhpurInteract program conducts educational workshops in cooperation with the community members. The workshops foster interactions among parents, students and professionals. The workshops also serve as a platform to exchange information and education related experiences.
SidhpurLoans is a student loan program to provide financial support in the form of low interest loans to bright and needy students of Sidhpur Community worldwide to pursue good quality higher education.
Sidhpur Foundation has a unique program for its Sidhpur Community worldwide to boost the level of excellence. Under this program a one-time Merit Award is given to students of Sidhpur Community based on their scores in the SAT, GRE, GMAT tests.
The Foundation desires that the students develop a successful professional or business career after they graduate. Practical experience is essential for finding a suitable career opportunity. Internships are becoming a common avenue for gaining real world practical experience and exposure to the working environment. Internships also help in building new contacts and networking. The SidhpurInternships is such a program. For more information visit the link: more information 
One of the goals of the programs of Sidhpur Foundation is to promote excellence in education. Good quality educational institutions are located across the United States and worldwide.  The goal of this program is to provide exposure to high school students and college going students to good universities located across the United States. This program will help open new opportunities and broaden the horizons for good quality education.
SF Educational Camp & Youth Forum is a new program that provides students and parents with detailed information about specific facets of their education in a camp-like setting. This year's camp is focused on the college admission facet of an individual’s academic career.