Sidhpur Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) incorporated under the laws of the United States. The Foundation's programs primarily target communities originating from Sidhpur and surrounding rural areas of Northern Gujarat, India.

Sidhpur Foundation programs are principally supported through donations and gifts received from the members of the Sidhpur community worldwide. Where appropriate, Sidhpur Foundation creates partnerships with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, and international development agencies.

The mission of Sidhpur Foundation is to improve the educational status of Sidhpur communities in USA, Canada, India and Pakistan by providing information, advice, guidance and other resources.



Sidhpur Foundation has its head office in Lansing, Michigan. The Foundation’s programs are run and managed by a network of dedicated volunteers worldwide. The policies of the Foundation are set by the Board of Directors.

The Foundation has program coordinators in every region of the world where the Sidhpur community resides. Program coordinators serve as focal points for community members to obtain assistance and support from Sidhpur Foundation. idhpur Foundation programs are primarily supported through the donations and gifts received from the members of Sidhpur community worldwide. The foundation has a fundraising/resource committee to assist in the fundraising and community relations activities.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding programs under the Sidhpur Foundation umbrella, feel free to email at info@sidhpurfoundation.org or visit the Contact Us page to get more information on contacting the main office.

Sidhpur Foundation USA
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